XLI - Summer Season

XLI - Summer Season

Good evening Reader.

I've not sent an email out for a fortnight.

The rhythm of life and business, eh?

One thing moves forward, another thing drops.

The more we push in one direction, other things fall.

Nature's law? Perhaps.

We adapt to our environment, just as we adapt to the seasons.

And now?

It's summer season.

The season of growth.

This is when you put in the work.

I did not realise it had been two weeks since my last email.

The projects are in full flow.

It's time to keep pushing forward.

Maintain the momentum.

Adapt & optimise work flow.

Focus on the execution.

This is the time for hustle... with purpose.

Look around you.

The sun is glaring.

Nature's greatest medicine.

I went down to the shop for an ice cream yesterday, and everyone was smiling.

You don't see this in the UK other periods of the year.

Everyone is miserable.

You automatically feel good.

You wake up feeling good cause the sun is shining through the crack in your curtains.

You've got to take advantage of the summer.

Everyone else is partying, going on holiday.

But not us.

We are building.

I am at full capacity for business, and I am thriving off every minute of it.

Looking back, it's always been the summer.

The summer before university, I worked in the kitchens - 40+ hour weeks, saved up £5,000 & went to the gym after every shift.

I was the best I had ever looked, and the richest I had ever been to date.

If I wasn't a clown like I was back in those days, I would have leveraged it better, but we live and learn.

It's time to leverage this summer the correct way.

The quest continues.

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