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XVIII - A Triad Exploration

Published 5 months ago • 2 min read

XVIII - A Triad Exploration

Grand rising Reader,

First things first, the lack of the additional I in the last edition has been bugging me ever since I noticed it.

And now the ConvertKit Creator Hub looks funny, so my bad on that one.

Today, I want to look at some opportunities for 2024 & perhaps some things you might want to focus on.

Why three?

The gamble on one is too high risk with not much to fall back on.

Two allows for something to go wrong.

Three has the balance.. and allows for what's most important.

Let's dive in.

1. Artificial Intelligence

For those of you who know me, you will know I have already had success in AI late last year such as collaborating with Inter Milan and forming my business partnership with Heather Cooper (after working together for over a year in AI.)

All you need to do is ask Heather about my feeling on the original AI traction when Chat GPT dropped. I was NOT interested. I could see the damage it was going to do (a negative approach...).

Over a year later of watching Heather soar & understand a lot more about AI, I now have my own brand within AI: The Game of AI

I understand the potential it can bring to our lives.

Yes, there may be a dark side to it, but I will not let myself focus on that.

But we must focus on how we can team up alongside AI and bring some fantastic new opportunities to humanity.

Like Jarvis to Iron Man, like TARS to Cooper.

I've seen the developments, and prefer to focus on the positive impact it can bring to humanity, while fighting against the bad.

I've developed a partnership & a theme page, which both bring in revenue. And to my guess, 2024 will be the year some pivotal moments happen in AI. Especially in the entertainment industry. We will see full feature length AI films. Further developments in health tech (extremely exciting) & I imagine we will see a lot more robot action.

Look, AI is inevitable.

It's already here, and it's relevance and importance is only going to increase.

It would be far better for you to understand how to use LLM's, how to write prompts and begin adapting to the new age that approaches.

Do not get left behind.

Where to start? Heather Cooper & The Game of AI are available in the DMs for consulting.

2. Cryptocurrency


I am not a financial advisor, but I like to recognise patterns.

Every 4 years in April the Bitcoin Halving happens.

The next one is scheduled this April, and followed by a bull run.

If you play this game right, you can see returns anywhere from 10x - 100+x.

You could also lose everything.

There is crossover to some nice AI coins & the world of Web 3. It can be an extremely deep rabbit hole.

Only invest what you are prepared to lose.

But this opportunity happens once every 4 years.

Take the risk, or lose the chance?

I had info on SafeMoon last bull run.

I ignored it.

I shouldn't have.

Position yourself accordingly (hot wallets, cold wallets, multiple exchanges) to take a step forward in this game of life.


3. Health

The most important.

I am an advocator of people becoming obsessed with what moves the needle within their business. For me that may be AI & Crypto right now, but I will not neglect my health.

No one should.

It's vital.

I had felt it slipping which is why I hit a 3 day fast recently.

Back to fighting.

Back to hiking.

Back to running.

Back to swimming.

Not all at once, but utilising fasting & eating a carnivore heavy diet drip feeding them into my lifestyle surrounding my business adventures.

Health may be third on the list, but always comes first.


Apply action.

Win or lose.

Go again.

The Game of Life

Thomas Haynes

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