XL - Losing Followers, Making Money

XL - Losing Followers, Making Money

Grand rising Reader.

There is a big myth on Money Twitter (𝕏) and across social media.

That lots of followers equals lots of money.

And it's bullshit.

I know accounts with thousands of followers making more than accounts with 300,000 followers.

Since XXIII - Why I deleted a 74,000+ follower account, my income has not dropped.

It has only risen.


Because 400 connections with the right people is far more advantageous than 74,000 followers of nothing.

Anyone can grow an account.

I could show you right now how to get thousands of followers online.

But it's nonsense.

It's empty with no substance.

There is no value.

A vanity metric on a screen.

I'm no saint.

I was there.

I took the wrong path.

Like crack cocaine on a screen, I was watching followers go up and up and I was hooked.

I needed hit after hit.

So I joined more engagement groups.

So I exchanged more retweet swaps.

Pfft, looking back? Yeah, I was very ignorant.

Of course, if you grow your account the right way, the value will be there.

But people still get too caught up in this.

Let's say you have 100 followers.

Picture yourself with a 100 people in a room.

That's a lot of people.

More than you think.

And they resonate with you, otherwise they wouldn't follow you.

If you can't create a deal where it is mutually beneficial to both parties, you don't have a follower problem.

You have a skill problem.

Another 100,000 followers wouldn't solve this.

Because you must address the problem directly.

Stop viewing a human being as a + 1 (aside from a wedding, eh?).

We all have talents.

Person A has X problem.

Person B has Y problem.

Person A can solve Y problem.

Person B can solve X problem.

There we go.

If you have no problems, you need more problems.

We love solutions, but honestly, the solution of more followers is so far out of touch from reality.

Let's look at this week. I have lost lost followers, but gained a client.

That's my kind of metric.

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