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XXIII - Why I deleted a 74,000+ follower account

Published 4 months ago • 3 min read

XXIII - Why I deleted a 74,000+ follower account

Grand rising Reader.

Back in Edition I, where it all started:

The end of an era.

A chapter signed off in the game of life.

And the next one begins.

Look, we all make mistakes.

It's how we learn.

It's how we grow.

A 74,000+ follower account.

To some it may mean a lot.

And at one point it did to me, but not anymore.

That Twitter account helped me turn my life around.

From a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

From the 9-5 to being my own boss.

To meet people all over the globe and flying out to meet them.

It set me out on a journey which I will never return from.

I will never forget it.

So perhaps that is why it is over.

It has served its purpose.

The game I used to play online was a side hustle.

Exploring every method of growth tactics and income boosts.

100's of cold DMs.

Multiple engagement groups.

Thousands of retweet swaps.

Becoming dangerously close to being apart of the Money Twitter pyramid scheme.

And while that game helped me achieve what I stated above, it isn't where I wanted to go.

Perhaps I should have never turned the account from anonymous to personal?

Perhaps I should have never turned the account from personal to AI?


I learnt more from those situations about where I was meant to go.

It may be "cheesy", but everything happens for a reason.

Because I now know the dangers of engagement groups, retweet swaps, tweet growth baiting content and how it damages your brand.

It's all a facade.

It means nothing in the end.

There is no substance.

There is no business.

People see right through it.

High followers does not mean instant authority, massive income or any of those beliefs.

People can just buy followers.

F*** that.

I didn't want that.

I wanted something real.

Something where I could make an impact.

Change people's lives as well as my own.

That's one reason why this newsletter is a current top priority.

Growing followers the wrong way means very little.

Growing followers the right way can mean everything.

The quality and credibility of my account was questioned by myself.

It wasn't in alignment with who I wanted to be, or where I wanted to go.

People moaned about the algo when everything changed.

And while it did, I still saw the content I wanted to see (for the most part - it was terrible at the start).

But my favourite accounts I still saw and engaged with.

And when the algo made more changes, it was fine.

I knew it was always the quality of how I grew my account.

An account that had thousands of likes to random content I did not care about in engagement groups, who I did not follow, over and over again?

Combined with the rebrands?

Come on.

The algo was looking at my account thinking WTF?

Take a look at the Social Blade screenshot below.

This was my Game of AI strategy attempt.

I could have tweeted more.

I could have engaged more, but the audience is clear.

They had followed me in the past on different accounts.

They didn't follow this account.

I wasn't "curating the audience".

I was killing it.

I had much bigger priorities on what was moving the needle, and I wasn't prepared to make the investment to try and make it work.

AI content? You can find it on my business partner's page: Heather Cooper

That is where my time is better invested.

To an already credible and growing authority in the AI space.

Not some account because it has 74,000 written on the screen.

Even when all that nonsense growth and income strategies stopped over a year ago, it never recovered.

I tried the personal switch.

I tried the AI switch.

I even tried a third party tool to see how many of my followers it thought were bots.

It estimated 30,000.

1,600 highly active followers.

Completely outnumbered by the spam red flags which Twitter's (yes, 𝕏 these days - it still doesn't feel right) algo would detect.

No wonder it was getting 2,000 views per post.


30,000 bots.

How many other inactive accounts? The rest apart from 1,600 and a couple of 1000?

Your guess is as good as mine, but it wasn't good.

My account was telling a lie.

That did not sit right with me.

One big rebranded lie from so many strategies and ideas implemented over the past two and a half years.

It was time to say goodbye.

So this is where we are:

The Inter Milan collab is still an unbelievable achievement for me.

I created the new account under the same @ to remain linked for this specific post.

But aside from that, there was not much to bring over.

Apart from my network.

And as you can see, I am connected with all of them again.

Some of the best people on Money Twitter.

A network where I can achieve everything I want to achieve.

These people aren't followers.

There's clients, connections, business partners, resources, friends; close friends.

It's the key to my next chapter.

To everything I ever wanted.

It has already given me so much, and with a clear strategy in place, it is about go give me so much more.

From a side hustle in a factory, to multiple businesses travelling all over the globe.

Gods plan ✞︎

The Game of Life

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