XXXIX - The Dark Side of Wifi Money

XXXIX - The Dark Side of Wifi Money

It may all seem lavish, Reader.

We're our own boss, making money from a laptop.

And I'll be honest... it is.

But there is a side people don't tell you about.

Similar to the ones who promote a 4 hour work day, but don't tell you about the several 12 hour shifts required in preparation for that.

Because if you only work 4 hours, your competition is out working you.

Because if you're working on your own, the people working in teams will outwork you.

But we've been through that before: XVII - The Solopreneur Dilemma

Look, if you hermit yourself away in your bedroom, (and I have done that), you will be hammered with loneliness.

The idea is to move around from city to city, landscape to landscape, country to country.

To be IN the world, not stuck in a bedroom trying to make Wifi Money.

You lose the actual skill of speaking to people, because you're so used to text.

This is why there is crossroads.

One guru may tell you it's necessary to go dark and focus on it until you make enough.

Well, what do you do then?

What friends do you have?

Who are you surrounded with?

Where is your family?

Do you even have a network?

You stare at the Barista because shook you've forgotten basic social skills.

You can be so focused on building cash, that you forget everything else, and end up in a worse spot than you began.

You can fall so far down the rabbit hole, you lose sight of the light.

The online world and the offline world need to work in harmony.

A fine balance.

If you spend too much time in one, the other will be distorted.

Similar to gaming? Ehh?


If I have spent a day inside working hard on business, something feels off inside me.

I don't feel right.

I feel caged, even though I've had a successful days work.

I didn't move.

I didn't explore.

Did I even see another human being?

Gahh, it's ALWAYS about balance, eh?

I've yet to find something that doesn't end in balance.

It's all on you.

You feel sick? Your sick day results in your loss.

You don't want to work? Your loss.

You made a mistake? You need to fix it.

Everything has complete accountability.

It's all your problems, and it's glorious - believe me.

But it can be a kick in the teeth if you're not used to it.

And this adds to the loneliness.

The dream of Wifi Money you were sold might not all be what it was cracked up to be.

And you might have some questions.

I can help.

Chat with me for 30 minutes, and I will answer any questions to the best of my ability surrounding Wifi Money / Online Businesses:

(There is NO charge)

Alternatively, you can ask by replying to this email / requesting a different time if none available match your schedule.

Speak soon,

The quest continues.

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